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COVID-19 Information

To all of our patients, we are glad to once again reopen for routine eye care.  We have missed you during this time, and pray you and your family remain safe and well.  The CDC and American Optometric Association have given approval to reopen, and Governor Holcomb has allowed routine eye care to resume as of April 27. To once again care for you, our patients, we will be open to routine eye care during our normal business hours.  However, it will not be “business as usual”. 

We are implementing the following actions to help ensure the safety of our staff and patients:

  • While this is not a change in our normal process, we want you to be assured we will be cleaning the pretest and exam room and equipment after every patient. 
  • We will be wiping down common surfaces in the office multiple times per day.
  • Our staff will wear face masks when interacting with patients.
  • We will take the temperature of our staff when they arrive to ensure they do not have a fever. 
  • Our staff knows if they are not feeling well, or if anyone in the family is not feeling well, they are to stay home.
  • We will limit the number of exams we have per hour.  Our goal is to keep the number of people in our office to less than 10 at all times. 
  • We are scheduling glasses and contacts pickups to ensure we will be able to serve you promptly.
  • We have removed some seating in our reception area to keep people at least 6 feet away from each other.
  • We have placed a blue X on the floor so you will know where to stand when you arrive.
  • We have eliminated our free coffee bar for the time being.

What we ask from our patients:

  • For the protection of our staff and other patients, please reschedule your appointment if you are not feeling well, or if anyone in your household is sick. If you have been in close contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID 19 in the past two weeks, please reschedule your appointment.
  • Based on CDC guidance, you will be required to wear a face mask in our office.
  • Based on CDC guidance, we will take your temperature with a non-contact thermometer to ensure you do not have a fever.
  • If possible, please only bring yourself to the exam.  If a companion comes with you, they should remain outside, unless it is a parent/guardian or caregiver.
  • We will save the first two exams in the morning and the first in the afternoon for elderly patients or those at higher risk.
  • Please try to complete all paperwork before arriving.  Our staff will be calling you prior to your appointment to let you know if any information is needed.
  • We ask that parents do not bring children into the office.  If the exam is for a child, we ask you do not bring additional children into the office. 
  • If you are looking for glasses, we request you wait for the assistance from one of our opticians.  Our two primary opticians have > 30 years of experience and are wonderful at selecting frames.  We would like to limit the handling of frames so we can ensure we clean those being handled.
  • If you need to pick up your glasses or contacts, please call to schedule an appointment to do so.  Please call or text us when you arrive to allow us to ensure we are ready for you.  We will continue to offer free shipping of contacts to your home.